My Roles
Usability Testing and Design

May 2024

Key Skills
Observation, Task-based and Think-aloud User Testing


For my final project, I was tasked with creating an app that would help aspiring comedians improve their joke writing skills. The app, designed for beginner-level comedians, aims to teach the basic structure of a joke, how to construct a joke, and where to place the punchline. As someone with a deep passion for stand-up comedy, having performed in Atlanta for five years, this project resonated with me on a personal level.

Instructional Approach

To teach these concepts, I decided to use an app format, as comedians often rely on their phones for practice and performance. The app includes gamified features like a daily writing prompt to build premise joke writing skills and collaborative features such as an AI comedian assesment of the premise writing feature.

User Feedback and Iteration

To ensure the app met the needs of our target audience, I spoke with three individuals interested in stand-up comedy. One suggested incorporating video clips of iconic stand-up sets to help users understand delivery, while another recommended a community tab for pitching to club owners for open mic slots. I also drew inspiration from existing products like the comedy app Stand Up Comedians, YouTube Shorts, Reddit Stand up Comedy Thread, and Instagram for design and functionality ideas.

Learning Science and Multimedia Design Principles

My design choices were guided by socio-cultural theory, which emphasizes social interaction and shared experiences as key drivers of learning. By creating a platform where comedians can interact, share ideas, and receive feedback, I hope to stimulate learning and creativity in our users.

In conclusion, Hot Mic App seeks to empower aspiring comedians to develop their comedic skills and find success in the world of stand-up comedy. Through innovative features and a user-centered design approach, I believe this app has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the comedy community. For future design iterations, this app will have a higher fidelity design and more functionality that is limited due to my own design capabilities.